Not about sight but about a vision

Reshma’s father is a toddy tapper and her mother, a housewife in Cherthala, Kerala. Being visually handicapped in a family with financial constraints, Reshma had a challenging childhood to say the least but she did not let that define her.

Although shifting to a special school for the blind in Kanjirapalli in the 4th standard and learning Braille had been a milestone in her life, she still had miles to go. reshmaLack of availability of Braille textbooks, her parents’ inability to help her in studies and the constant need to work twice as hard as a regular student were hurdles that Reshma had to overcome everyday. She took the help of a computer to be able to study for her exams. ‘I wrote the SSLC exam in Braille with special permission from the government. I thought I did well and was eagerly waiting for the results but it was unexpected’ says Reshma.

The results of the exam proved to be a disappointment for Reshma as in many subjects her marks were low. Dejected by the results of the exam, she forwarded a complaint to the education department.  After three agonizing days, the results were revised and Reshma was elated to have scored a surprising 83% aggregate.  It was at this point that she entered the Vidyadhan program. Reshma goes down in history as the only blind student who used Braille for writing an exam in Kerala. She also bagged the fourth rank in B.A. History and first rank in M.A. History. Reshma is currently a History professor in Kerala University. Reshma exemplifies the fact hard work, determination, and perseverence can help us overcome all odds.  We at Vidyadhan are delighted to have been an integral part of her journey.

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