South of India to the south of England

Gauthamen was born in the small town of Rajapalyam in Tamil Nadu. Despite their humble means and financial constraints, his parents did everything they could to  give him a life better than the one they had access to. Since his father did not have a sustainable job, their family frequently move around in search for job opportunities. His father, despite being a B. Com graduate, found it difficult to earn extra money and so with just ?5 in his pocket relocated the family to Alappuzha, Kerala, where Gauthamen grew up.


Post schooling, although Gauthamen was able to obtain a good score in the medical entrance exam and get into a government college his family had absolutely no clue how to bear the expenses of his higher studies as well as run the family. Even the government college fee was a huge amount for them. It was at this juncture that Gauthamen got financial support through the Vidyadhan program.

With this support, Gauthamen has not only successfully completed his MBBS but subsequently did his MD in Paediatrics.

Today, he is a Fellow in Neonatal Medicine at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford school of Paediatrics located at Oxford, United Kingdom.  He has done several medicinal research projects on cognitive functions in children with sickle cell anemia, autonomic dysreflexia and autistic features in children with Higashi syndrome called Chediak. Furthermore, Dr. Gauthamen Rajendran well on his way of doing some path-breaking research work at Oxford and the Vidyadhan family couldn’t be happier for our very own and wishes him all the very best in all his endeavors. Today, Gauthamen supports other students like him in the Vidyadhan program. The circle of paying it forward has come a full circle!

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