When the going gets tough, the tough get going…

Rashmi is a confident and talented young adult, working as a- Software Engineer at ThoughtClan Technologies, a Bangalore based startup.

Passionate about writing, she loves meeting new people and traveling. However, she also believes her life would have been very different had she not joined the Vidyadhan family.

Rashmi grew up in a loving family with parents and siblings who adored and supported each other. Even though her family struggled to make ends meet, her parents wanted all their children to study and make a life for themselves.

“ I was 13.  Everything was great. But things changed after my father fell ill. He went through multiple operations. We didn’t know whether he would make it back, but fortunately, he did. The medicines and operation put us in a huge amount of debt. We were school-going children and my father was not in a condition to work. We had to sell our house and our car and move in with our relatives.” says Rashmi.

Her mother who then started teaching in a nearby school was the only bread-winner in the family and the situation at home was often, hand-to-mouth. Although unable to afford the fees in their regular school, her mother did not let them drop out of school. They took admission in a smaller school with low fees. Despite these challenges and the need to care for an ailing father, Rashmi did not let her circumstances get the better of her. She studied well and secured 97% in  10th and 97% in intermediate examination. Although this helped her get into an engineering college, her family had no means to pay the fees.

This is when Rashmi joined us as a Vidyadhan scholar after reading about a scholarship program in a local newspaper. At the Vidyadhan event, she met Vishwa, the State Coordinator for Karnataka, who played a crucial role in shaping her life over the next 4 years. Vishwa was a source of constant motivation. He was always one phone call away and would constantly check on Rashmi to ensure her emotional and personal well-being. This not only gave her a sense of purpose but also made her feel comfortable enough to share important things about in her life.

This bond shared by our scholars with their State coordinators is one of the defining aspects and pillars of this Scholarship program.

“Thanks to Vidyadhan and my sponsor for supporting me not only financially but also emotionally. Vidyadhan is supporting me from the past four years. They gave me my confidence back which brought back the bubbly playful girl. I am now working in a startup, exploring new dimensions. Recently, I bought a two-wheeler of my own and things are slowly getting better.” says Rashmi, now a proud alumnus of the Vidyadhan family.

Rashmi has come a long way… She lives every day with honor and integrity and, her hard work and unrelenting spirit have helped her chart a beautiful life for herself and her family.

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