A Tamil Sangam Idol from Saurashtra

Listening to Dhanraj’s powerful, flowing oratory in Tamil, it is impossible to figure out that his family had migrated from Saurashtra in Gujarat only a few decades back. Dhanraj has an exceptional academic record securing 96.4% in class 10, and his elocution skills have been recognized by the Tamil Nadu government on numerous occasions. His talent was recently recognized by the prestigious Thiruvalluvar Tamil Sangam for his poetry writing and recitation. Besides Tamil poetry, the multi-faceted Dhanraj has also been selected to receive the Abdul Kalam award for elocution.


Dhanraj comes from a single-parent family, his mother having passed away when he was
quite young.  His father, the sole bread-winner in the family, is a daily wage worker based in Woraiyur, Tiruchirappalli district. Currently, Dhanraj is studying Science in class 12 at the Government-aided St. Joseph College Higher Secondary School, Tiruchirappalli.


Following Vidyadhan’s training camp focusing on life skills held in Dindigul last summer,
Dhanraj described it as “such an amazing learning experience where I learned the way to approach people and tasks, the way to behave”. He added, “I learned to be a leader and not a boss”. Dhanraj is looking forward to the next training camp, which would have a different focus.

IMG_20181118_205249 (1)

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