Twin stars Shining Bright

Tanushree and Tanuja are twins from rural Bengaluru. Though they are not identical twins, they do look alike and their careers have followed a similar path – from being brilliant students to getting Vidyadhan scholarship to their pursuit of Computer Science and jobs in the IT industry in the IT capital of India, Bengaluru.

Tanushree and Tanuja come from a family that has faced prolonged economic hardship resulting from the ups and downs in their father’s small business. Their father runs a catering service. However, both the sisters worked with dedication under challenging conditions and performed consistently well in their school years and later in their Engineering courses. Tanuja, today is working with the DELL Company in Bengaluru while Tanushree is part of a leading software company named TEMENOS.

The two sisters are now happy to support their parents and look after their needs. Also, committed to the Vidyadhan program’s motto of ‘transforming lives through education’, they aspire to help other students from economically disadvantaged families to achieve their true potential.



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