Sharing Mentorship Experiences: Vidyadhan Scholar – Sree Lekshmy

Mentoring helps you to be courageous and confident enough to identify and achieve goals and to maintain a broader perspective on career options. This happens in many ways. Fortunately, I could experience what it feels like to be mentored by someone that helped me chase my dreams.

My first mentor was Dr Rama Warrier, who constantly guided me through his books, on achieving my career and it’s various perspectives. I always feel grateful for the good that he has done to me. It was during my post-graduation days that Dr Parasuram Balasubramanian took over my mentorship. He was one such person who constantly interacted with his students on their academic progress and future plans. I could interact with a lot of other eminent personalities just because of his mentorship. It was indeed a blessing to get connected to people with great visions and to get their advice on what to do next. I personally owe a lot to this mentorship that has happened in my life as it has been life-changing for me.


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