Vidyadhan India

Sharing Soft Skills Training Program Experiences: Vidyadhan Scholar – Somashekar C D

I’m a scholar of Vidyadhan and the team conducted soft skills sessions so that students could overcome their hesitancy, develop communication skills and feel more confident. Before I participated in the soft skills sessions, I was very hesitant to speak in front of people and my communication skills were weak. I would feel conscious about the choice of my words and keep thinking that others were judging me and the way I speak. My mentors in the program boosted my confidence to overcome stage fear and they also polished my communication skills. Besides they also taught me how to face the future with a better mindset and achieve my goals facing up to the hurdles in life.

The sessions were richly embellished by real examples that were sometimes funny yet informative and relevant. During the sessions, the instructors were very friendly and informal. They stressed on the importance of soft skills and how we can use them at a professional level. The sessions made us work as teams to develop solutions for a given problem, to enhance our creativity and collaboration and made us play like children to bring in a positive environment. Additionally, they allowed us to share our journey to improve communication skills and confidence; leading teams instilled leadership qualities amongst us. Overall, the sessions were informative, well presented, helpful, and enjoyable.


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