Vidyadhan India

Sharing Digital Story telling session experiences: Vidyadhan Scholar- Apoorva SL

In this digital storytelling workshop we learned how to tell our story and experience creatively . We see so many people talking about them on the internet every day sharing their difficulties, opinion and comforts. We are equipped with digital platforms but we are still unaware on how to use it in a effective way to express ourselves and this gap has been filled through the digital story telling session.  I always wanted to share my story of how I realized my goal as I was one of the many students who’s in a unaware of her capabilities.

In the workshop they taught us to write our own story in a creative and effective way , how to use images, videos and voice-over to express the story and how to bring out our emotions in the story so people can feel themselves in our story . Every single word I wrote and said in the video is what I wanted to say to many people from so long and never got a chance to say it and this workshop made it possible.

I always urge young people and students to do what they like , analyze yourself and set your goal based on your interest.



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